Example Projects

I have worked for a variety of NGOs, companies and governments, at the local, national and international scales, addressing issues such as habitat rehabilitation, reforestation, invasive exotic species, conservation management, transport planning, urban planning, environmental education, campaigning, stakeholder consultation, environmental management and risk management.

Click on the links below to read more about specific example projects I have worked on:

Global Biodiversity Consultant for the World’s Largest Cement Company, Lafarge

Environmental Guidelines, Strategies, Targets and Tools for WWF partner companies


NGO Campaigning, Communciation and Knowledge Management for SOS Lynx

Iberian_Lynx_mother_with_two_cubs - with credits, shrunk

Transport Planning, Urban Planning and Stakeholder Consultation for Local Government

bus lane

Reforestation, Pest Control and Environmental Education for the Waipoua Forest Trust