“Between 2010 and 2015, Dan Ward has worked as a Biodiversity Consultant for Lafarge, initially on behalf of WWF (as part of the Lafarge-WWF partnership, which lasted until 2013), and then subsequently directly for Lafarge. During this time, Dan has worked in a highly professional and effective manner, helping to improve the many ways in which Lafarge addressed Biodiversity, as well as associated risks and opportunities, across our over 2000 sites, in over 60 countries.

In particular, through lengthy research, analysis and consultation, Dan developed a Biodiversity Guidance Document, and jointly developed the Biodiversity Strategy for the company, which have been very well received both internally and externally, and which included new targets on Biodiversity Management Plans, as well as a first-in-the sector commitment on Protected Areas. Dan also helped to develop: guidelines on limestone-restricted biodiversity, as well as; biodiversity education materials, and; a proposed methodology for measuring a biodiversity Net Positive Impact.

In addition, Dan provided expert advice on the management and monitoring of individual quarries, as well as several company-wide policies, including those on Biofuels, Quarry Rehabilitation and the Sourcing of Paper Cement Bags. Dan has also been a valuable member of Lafarge’s Biodiversity Expert Panel, as well as our internal Biodiversity Working Group, and he also provided expert advice to the wider sector – via WBCSD and UEPG – on topics such as Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, Biodiversity Management and Quarry Rehabilitation. Dan has thus made a very significant contribution to the many ways in which Lafarge addresses biodiversity, and I would highly recommend him to other companies seeking such biodiversity consultancy services.”

Jim Rushworth, Lafarge (Vice-President Environment & Public-Affairs, 2010-2015)

“Dan Ward has provided a variety of environmental and biodiversity consultancy services to WWF and partner companies. Most recently, from 2010 to 2013, on behalf of WWF, he led the biodiversity workstream of the global partnership with Lafarge – a partnership which ran from 2000 to 2013, and which covered climate, water, sustainable construction and persistent pollutants, as well as biodiversity. In particular, his work with Lafarge was successful in securing a first-in-the-sector commitment on protected areas, as well as new targets and policies on Biodiversity Management Plans, Quarry Rehabilitation Plans and Paper Cement Bag Sourcing. In addition, Dan produced Biodiversity Guidelines to be used at all Lafarge sites, and provided expert advice on behalf of WWF to the wider cement and aggregates sectors (via WBSCD and UEPG). He also produced an e-learning module on biodiversity for WWF to use with companies across all sectors.

From 2009 to 2011, Dan was contracted by WWF to produce biodiversity monitoring and management strategies for the 5,000 hectare ecotourism and sustainable living project being jointly developed by WWF, Bioregional and Greenwoods Ecoresorts in Portugal. In addition, in 2008, he developed environmental guidelines for the mountain bike company KONA Bikes, to be used to improve the environmental performance of the many downhill Bike Parks associated with the company. He also created and facilitated an international NGO grouping on behalf of WWF (including IUCN, BirdLife International and Flora & Fauna International as well as WWF), which resulted in an important joint NGO position paper on the issue of Limestone-restricted biodiversity.

Dan’s work with, and on behalf of, WWF has always been of the highest standard, and has helped to further WWF’s work with many companies. In particular, he is skilled at bringing together, analysing and addressing a wide variety of disparate positions, issues and insights, to produce coherent, effective and appropriate solutions to environmental challenges. I would thus strongly recommend him to any businesses or NGOs requiring such environmental consultancy services”.

Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud, WWF International