Consultancy Services

I can help your organisation address environmental challenges, reducing environmental, social and business risks, and exploiting opportunities for environmental improvements. In turn, your organisation may benefit from improved reputation, stakeholder relations and first-mover advantage.

I work in a timely, effective and appropriate manner, avoiding risks of “green-washing”, and delivering tailored solutions, specific to your organisation and location. I can draw upon a wide range of relevant skills, experience and contacts, and can help your organisation address environmental challenges involving biodiversity, transport, energy, water, social, visual and other impacts.

In particular, I can provide the following environmental consulting services:

  • Expert Advice – on specific, pre-defined environmental problems and challenges.
  • Needs Analysis – to better understand the relevant environmental risks and opportunities.
  • Site & Project Management – to better address environmental risks and opportunities.
  • Environmental Planning & Policy-Making – to provide long-term, strategic solutions.
  • Creating Targets, Monitoring & Reporting – for adaptive management and transparency.
  • Stakeholder & Expert Consultation – to inform and implement environmental solutions.
  • Training, Education & Communication – to build capacity, support and understanding.
  • Research, Writing & Publishing – to develop and document environmental solutions.
  • Facilitating & Co-ordinating Teams – to further improve environmental performance.
  • Campaigning & Networking – to increase environmental awareness, action and support.
  • Knowledge Management – to enable organisational learning on environmental issues.
  • Creating Partnerships – between companies and NGOs, on environmental issues.

If your organisation has need for any of the above services, please contact me (Dan Ward) via email at or by telephone on: 00 41 31 331 7180.

My rates and conditions are negotiable, depending upon the organisation, project and location.

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