WWF International

Since 2008, I have been engaged by WWF International to provide environmental consultancy services to WWF partner companies across disparate sectors, including cement & aggregates, ecotourism & housing, and mountain biking; see details below. This work involved providing a range of tools, analysis and expert advice to help improve the companies’ environmental and biodiversity peformance. In addition, I produced an e-learning module on biodiversity for WWF to use with companies across all sectors, and I also worked on behalf of WWF to organise and facilitate a group of international NGOs (including WWF, IUCN, Flora & Fauna International and BirdLife International), addressing the specific issue of limestone-restricted biodiversity, which culminated in the production and publication of a joint position paper on this important topic.

Click to read the joint NGO position paper on Limestone-Restricted Biodiversity


From 2010 to 2013, I was contracted by WWF as a consultant, to lead the biodiversity workstream of their recent global partnership with Lafarge (the world’s largest cement company), and to also produce global Biodiversity Guidelines for the many quarries, cement works, offices and other sites operated by the company. Producing the guidelines involved extensive expert and stakeholder consultation, as well as research, analysis, professional writing and design work. Leading the biodiversity workstream involved negotiating, finalising and reviewing progress against appropriate yet stretching targets and commitments for the company on disparate topics, including biodiversity management, quarry rehabilitation, protected areas, paper cement bag sourcing and environmental management systems. My role also involved planning, managing and evaluating local intiatives between specific WWF offices and Lafarge sites on various biodiversity issues across the globe. In addition, I helped Lafarge develop tools and publications on environmental education, biodiversity monitoring and management plans, and I also provided expert advice, on behalf of WWF & Lafarge, to the wider sector, via WBCSD and UEPG.

Click to read the Lafarge Biodiversity Guidelines

Greenwoods Ecoresorts

From 2009 to 2011, I worked as a consultant for WWF to produce biodiversity management and monitoring strategies for a 5,000 hectare One Planet Living Ecotourism & Sustainable Living project, being jointly developed by WWF, BioRegional and Greenwoods Ecoresorts in southern Portugal. This work involved researching, analysising and addressing the biodiversity risks and opportunities created by the project, including via consultation with local stakeholders and experts, and the development of appropriate plans, targets and monitoring regimes.

KONA Bikes

In 2008, as part of WWF’s work with mountain bike company KONA Bikes, I was engaged by WWF to produce environmental guidelines for the many downhill “Bike Parks” run by, and/or associated with, the company. This involved extensive internal and external consultation with experts and stakeholders, as well as research, analysis and publication skills. The guidelines were well received by KONA Bikes and the wider mountain bike sector, which is rapidly expanding, particularly in resorts used for skiing in winter – creating new environmental challenges.