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We all depend upon the natural environment, whether as individuals, communities, companies or countries, and we could not survive without it. Moreover, the natural environment is becoming increasingly degraded in many places, impacting future development, prosperity, social cohesion, human health and well-being, as well as nature itself. Many organisations, therefore, have both a responsibility and a need to address a growing range of environmental challenges.

Environmental challenges, however, are often socially and ecologically complex. It is thus important to draw upon experience from a wide range of fields, which is something I specialise in. Environmental challenges are also often highly specific to a particular location and/or organisation. It is thus also important to develop a clear understanding of the relevant risks and opportunities (for the environment and the organisation concerned), which is one of the key services I provide.

It is my mission to help organisations better address environmental challenges, by providing tailored solutions for reducing environmental, social and business risks. I have worked as a consultant for WWF International, providing a variety of services to help improve the performance of partner companies, and have also worked directly as a consultant for several large companies, including the world’s largest cement company – Lafarge. In addition, I have worked in NGO campaigning & knowledge management, as well as government policy-making & planning, including for both local goverment and the European Parliament. I have also worked on practical conservation projects, including in New Zealand, Ecuador, Switzerland and Scotland.

My qualifications cover the Natural Sciences (1st Class Honours degree from Cambridge University, UK), as well as Environmental Policy-Making and Risk Management (Masters Degree from Sussex University, UK). I also have a wide range of professional skills, developed from years of experience, including: Needs Analysis; Conservation & Biodiversity Management; Environmental, Transport & Urban Planning; Project Management; Stakeholder & Expert Consultation; Environmental Education & Communication; Professional Writing & Research; Presentation & Facilitation Skills, and; Information Technology (including GIS tools, Databases and Website Design).

I care deeply about the natural environment, and gain great satisfaction from being able to help organisations reduce environmental risks and exploit opportunities for environmental improvements. I am originally from the south of the UK, but currently live in Switzerland. Besides working as an Environmental Consultant, I also work as a Business English Coach and as a Musician.

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